Side Jams, Episode 9: James LaBrie

(Dream Theater frontman James LaBrie as photographed by Mark Maryanovich.)

As the frontman for Dream Theater, James LaBrie is the distinct voice for one of the most influential bands in progressive rock and metal history. The twice Grammy Award-nominated quintet continue to push their own musical and visual boundaries with their albums and tours, including their current international trek in support of their 14th studio opus Distance Over Time. Beyond his globe-trotting day job, LaBrie loves to go camping and boating. I called James via Skype during Dream Theater’s recent tour stop in San Antonio to talk about his love for the great outdoors. He shared some colorful stories, including the time he spent a week camping with his wife on a remote island with no way off, as well as what happens when raccoons gang up on a family dog. Our chat also moved into other territory, including skiing, his love for reading, and on a larger scale, the state of our planet.

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