Side Jams, Episode 10: Hansi Kürsch

Hansi Kürsch and I practicing
our Jedi poses in NYC in 2006.

For over 30 years, Hansi Kürsch has fronted German power metal band Blind Guardian, who have enthralled audiences with their epic sound, fantasy-inspired lyrics, and his majestic vocals. Recently, Kürsch and his bandmate, guitarist Andre Olbrich, collaborated with the Prague Filmharmonic Orchestra and Choir to create the Blind Guardian Twilight Orchestra and record their new album Legacy of the Dark Lands. Beyond that, Kürsch’s power metal project Demons & Wizards, a longtime collaboration with Iced Earth guitarist Jon Schaffer, toured America for the first time last summer and finally have a third studio album appropriately titled III out now.

So when he actually has free time, what does Hansi do for fun? For episode 10 of Side Jams, we chatted via Skype to discuss his obsession with collecting 7” vinyl singles to play on his Wurlitzer jukebox, along with his love for movies and books. It was a relaxed yet lively chat about artforms that we both appreciate.

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