Blu-ray Commentary: “Terminal Velocity”

My audio commentary for Terminal Velocity is out now through Kino Lorber’s reissue of the 1995 drama starring Charlie Sheen and Nastassja Kinski. This movie came out after Sheen hit it really big with the Hot Shots action parody duology.

Terminal Velocity was the first of two skydiving movies to emerge in 1994; the other being Drop Zone with Wesley Snipes. In this movie, Charlie Sheen plays a cocky, womanizing flight school instructor who gets involved with a seemingly naive student who fakes her own death then gets him caught up in a dangerous escapade involving a fortune in gold and the lethal Russian mafia. The story is pretty standard, but there are some great flying sequences at the end. Twenty-one years before Furious 7 dropped multiple cars out of planes, Terminal Velocity dropped one…and crashed it where they shouldn’t have.

The following is review coverage for my commentary work on Terminal Velocity. Click on the logo to go to each site directly.

“In this new audio commentary, entertainment journalist and author Bryan Reesman shares plenty of interesting information about Charlie Sheen’s career and downfall, the production history and box office performance of Terminal Velocity, its visual style, and even some trends in action cinema during the late ’80s and ’90s. A really, really good commentary that is worth listening in its entirety.”

“Reesman, who has written books on Bon Jovi and hosts the podcast Side Jams tells you more than you’ve ever wanted to know about the movie Terminal Velocity.”

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