Side Jams, Episode 14: Militia Vox

A spookerific shot of Militia Vox by Kevin Vonesper.

Many people know Militia Vox as the singer for all-female metal tribute band Judas Priestess. When I first met her 9 years ago, we were attending a Syfy Channel premiere for a movie co-starring Tiffany and Debbie Gibson, and she was also singing back-up for pop singer Taylor Dayne. Militia released her goth-industrial influenced solo debut The Villainess in 2018 and released a new remix single on February 29th of this year. Check them out.

For Episode #14 of Side Jams, we dive into her dark side. Like me, Militia is a major horror movie buff. But she adores all things spooky, and during our conversation we cover her creepy childhood, her fascination with sinister and eerie things, her supernatural experiences, and her love for seeking out allegedly haunted places. She met Ed and Lorraine Warren and had her photo taken with that creepy doll Annabelle.

We met in Manhattan to record this episode, and I believe it was the last time I did any interview in person before the pandemic quarantine began. It was a blast!

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