Side Jams, Episode 16: Floor Jansen

Floor Jansen live in 2015.
(Photo: Markus Felix.)

Ever since she stepped into the singer spotlight with Nightwish, Floor Jansen has made a strong impression on the band’s fans.

After fronting the symphonic metal bands After Forever and ReVamp, she became the coveted lead singer for the internationally popular Finnish group in 2012, first on the road then in the studio. Her second studio release with them, Human Nature, is a double-disc set that went #1 in two countries and Top 5 in 10 more. Her solo career has blossomed after appearing last year on the Dutch television show Beste Zangers (Best Singers). Three of her performances on that program became #1 hits in her homeland of the Netherlands. She is finally a household name there many years after becoming popular everywhere else. That’s a nice turnabout. Once live music makes its return, she will have both solo shows and Nightwish concerts to take on.

When not touring the world or recording music, Floor loves to ride horses and explore nature. For this episode of Side Jams, she spoke with me about making the best of our current quarantine situation, which includes spending quality time with her two horses. Her love for the animals goes back to her childhood, and she had plenty to discuss about them, riding, and horsemanship.

This episode is one of the most popular so far in the series.

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