Side Jams, Episode 17: Joe Satriani

That time I spoke to Steve Vai (left) and Joe Satriani (right) in August 2016.

I am a long-time fan of guitar master Joe Satriani, and we have done numerous interviews over the years about his solo work and adventures with Chickenfoot. We have often talked about his love for science fiction literature, so I decided to devote an entire episode of Side Jams to that particular interest along with his newfound adventures in painting. We delved into those two topics along with his childhood UFO club, experiences recording at George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch, our thoughts on the future of pandemic movies, and the sci-fi story “Crystal Planet” which he has co-authored with fellow musician Ned Evett.

I spoke to Joe early on in the pandemic, and he was generous in giving me 75 minutes of his time, producing the longest episode in this podcast’s run. I normally like to max out at around 35 minutes, but he was so passionately engaged in this conversation that I decided to run a much longer episode. Interviews like this are a big reason why I love my job.

This is one of Side Jams‘ most popular episodes.

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