Blu-ray Commentary: “Gotcha!”

When Kino Lorber offered me the chance to do a commentary for Gotcha!, I jumped at it since I have been eagerly wanting to do more commentaries for ’80s movies. I hadn’t seen this one in a long time, but I remember it from back in the day. When I posted about it on Facebook, I learned that a lot of my friends remembered it too. I believe most of us saw it on cable rather than at the movies. It didn’t fare that well at the box office then, but it developed a cult following thanks to the cable television and home video explosions of the 1980s. It’s a fun, silly movie that will take Gen Xers back to their teen years.

The plot here is pretty simple. Anthony Edwards plays an American college student who is obsessed with a paintball assassination game and who goes to Paris with a friend. He is a young man eager to lose his virginity, and a Czechoslovakian spy named Sasha Benechek (played by Linda Fiorentino) becomes his sexual tutor while embroiling him in espionage on a crazy adventure to East Berlin. It’s fun to see both of these actors in this movie as they both later appeared in two of my all-time favorite films, Miracle Mile and The Moderns, respectively. Additionally, I had to brush up on my German history in order to provide commentary that would also address the political situation at the time which young people today would not really understand because they weren’t alive then. All in all, this was a fun audio adventure and people are enjoying the end results. Funnily enough, I met Anthony Edwards and director Jeff Kanew at a screening of Miracle Mile in NYC nearly three and a half years ago. Who knew then that I would be a doing a commentary for this movie?

The following are reviews for my work on Gotcha! I will add more as other reviews surface. Click on the logo to go to each review site directly.

“What’s good here are the 2 audio commentaries: The 1st by director Jeff Kanew (‘Revenge of the Nerds’), the 2nd by Bryan Reesman.”

“In terms of supplements, we get not one, but two audio commentaries, one by director Jeff Kanew, who is quite entertaining as he spins production stories, and freelance entertainment journalist and author Bryan Reesman, who has previously provided commentaries for Kino Lorber releases such as Hollywoodland and Mad Love and has written a biography of Bon Jovi. Reesman is thorough and informative as he goes more in-depth into analyzing the film and and its context. Both commentaries are worth the listen for fans of the film and they compliment each other nicely.”

“In this new audio commentary, entertainment journalist and author Bryan Reesman shares a lot of interesting information about the production of Gotcha! and the period in which it emerged (including the ‘assassin game’ that is highlighted in the film), Linda Fiorentino’s image and role choices, Anthony Edwards’ performance, the various European locations where the film takes its characters, the use of music, etc. The commentary was recorded exclusively for Kino Lorber.”

“There’s also a second, newer commentary by entertainment journalist and author Bryan Reesman. (Kanew’s own track seems to be ported over from a previous DVD release). Reesman is fully engaged with the material… From the outset, it’s very clear that this will be one of those mile-a-minute commentaries where the speaker rarely seems to come up for air, much less pause. If you’re game to keep up, the track is fun in and of itself, as Reesman is nothing if not animated.”

“Special features include some trailers, and two informative commentary tracks, one from anecdote-filled Kanew, and the other from fast-talking journalist/author Bryan Reesman.”






















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