Eddie Van Halen’s Most Underrated Track:
“Respect The Wind”

Eddie Van Halen live at the
New Haven Coliseum in the late 1970s.
(Photo: Carl Lender.)

The late, great Eddie Van Halen, who sadly left this mortal coil on Tuesday, influenced a whole generation and more with his virtuousic, inventive, effervescent style of guitar playing. While many fans can easily remember and sing along to the arena-ready anthems and ballads from their storied history, many may not know of a special piece which emerged in the blockbuster Twister movie back in 1996. Specifically, the closing instrumental that emerges as composer Mark Mancina’s final and more traditional, symphonic “End Credits” fade away. Co-composed and performed with his brother Alex (presumably on keyboards), “Respect The Wind” is an epic instrumental track that perfectly mirrors the roller coaster ride of the movie itself which focused on storm chasers in Oklahoma. Eddie’s playing is gritty, larger than life, but at times also restrained as his stirring notes cascade over the haunting keyboards underneath. The repeating structure is simple yet effective as he subtly alters his soloing throughout.

Another bit of trivia that some fans may not know or perhaps recall is that EVH also composed much of the soundtrack to the 1984 movie The Wild Life which was written by Cameron Crowe and also featured music from Donn Landee and Alain Johannes. That teen flick co-starred Chris Penn, Ilan Mitchell-Smith, Eric Stoltz, Jenny Wright, and Lea Thompson. You can find the music here. Numerous Van Halen songs have also been used in movies since the 1980s.

Also of note to Eddie and guitar aficionados: The Star Fleet Project from Queen guitarist Brian May recorded in April 1983. Check it out here.

Younger Boomers and Generation X lost a major icon this week. Thankfully, he left us with a lot of great music.

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  1. Jimi G

    I had the honor of seeing Eddie and Alex very early, when they opened for Black Sabbath. The raw energy that they brought to the show made Sabbath seem tame by comparison.


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