Side Jams, Episode 20: Dessa

Dessa in performance.
(Photo credit: Jessy Gonzalez.)

When I first got to know her last year, rapper and singer Dessa did an interview with me for about her using neuroscience to get over her ex which included working with renowned biological anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher. That was an intriguing conversation, so for this episode of Side Jams, we expanded our scope into discussing her love for the behavioral and biological sciences which have fascinated her since she was young.

I called Dessa at home in New York City via Skype, and we chatted about which science classes she took in college, the kinds of studies that have interested her, our collective cultural evolution, and how the mainstream understanding and expectations of science often don’t serve us well and how they have become highly politicized.

This is certainly one of the most unusual of the Side Jams interviews I have done and covers different ground.

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