Side Jams, Episode 21: Aaron Bruno (AWOLNATION)

Aaron Bruno, the mastermind behind AWOLNATION.

Ever since AWOLNATION became a phenomenon nearly a decade ago with the song “Sail,” the group’s vocalist and mastermind Aaron Bruno has actively avoided a formulaic approach to his music. Instead, he integrates as many different influences as he can. The group’s fourth and latest release Angel Miners & The Lightning Riders continues that genre-bending trend with a collision of lo-fi and hi-fi sounds spanning pop to EDM to heavy rock.

When he’s not actively touring or making music, Aaron loves chasing the perfect wave. He’s a lifelong surfer who enjoys the feeling of being out on the water and sometimes even solves musical dilemmas while on his board. For this episode of Side Jams, Bruno spoke about his passion for surfing along with the friendships it has created for him and the peace he finds out on the water. He is able to explain a lot of surfing terminology in ways that a layman can understand, and we delve into how the sport’s increased popularity has necessitated him seeking out secret spots to ride his bliss. By the way, he challenges Anthony Kiedis to a competition on the waves.

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