Digging Deeper Into “Pop Gear”
With Christian Swain and Jeff Slate

Christain Swain (left) invited myself and Jeff Slate (right) on his
Deeper Digs In Rock podcast to talk about our Blu-ray commentary track
for the 1965 music video revue Pop Gear.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I invited Jeff Slate to join me in recording a commentary track for the Kino Lorber Blu-ray re-release of Pop Gear (known was Go Go Mania in the U.S.), an early, pre-MTV British music video collection shot at the end of 1964 and released at the beginning of 1965, which came out just prior to the British Invasion getting rowdier and more raucous. Christian Swain, the host of the Deeper Digs In Rock podcast, invited Jeff and I on to discuss our commentary (done in one take!) and our thoughts on British pop and rock at the time.

I also spoke to Christian in the first half of the podcast about recording a solo commentary track for That’ll Be The Day, the 1973 film starring British pop/rock icon David Essex as Jim MacLaine, along with Ringo Starr as his carny buddy Mike. The Claude Whatham film shows the young man from a broken English home in the late 1950s abandoning higher education to find himself, which leads him to the rock ‘n’ roll chronicled in the unplanned sequel Stardust. Both films were written by veteran UK rock journalist Ray Connolly.

It was fun to come back on the show. I had been there previously to talk about contributing to the book Rock Stars At Home. It’s always fun to chat with Christian, who brought me into the Pantheon Podcasts fold. I also think Jeff and I, coming from two different musical backgrounds, make a good team.

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