Side Jams, Episode 22: Eve Minor

Genre-bending singer-songwriter Eve Minor.

I first met Eve Minor a few years back at one of the Idle Hands holiday parties that I co-hosted. Since then, the eclectic performer has explored the depths of her heart through a diverse mixture of styles from a raw piano ballad to a dark metal dirge to an ambient trap track. She does not limit her vision – she simply expresses herself in the moment with whatever approach works best. You can check her music out on Bandcamp.

Beyond making music, Eve has a passion for fashion and also immerses herself in tarot and divination. For this episode of Side Jams, she spoke about what it means to have gift of sight and how to use it wisely, why those who can see the future for others cannot see it for themselves, plus we delve into fashion – the styles, trends, and designers she loves. Eve also moved from NYC to L.A. during the pandemic, and that was an adventure in itself.

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