Screening The Streams

For the December 2020 issue of Costco Connection magazine, I was asked to offer a breakdown of the major streaming services, so I got the chance to preview many I had not explored yet. Fun times. I also added in some that are rising in popularity as well like Acorn Media and Shudder. It’s mind boggling the amount of streaming content that is out there, so one needs to be judicious about their choices. Another option is to temporarily subscribe to many to catch what you want when you have the time.

Back in 2019, my first feature for NBC News THINK was about streaming overload and how to handle all of choices. You can check that out as a companion piece to this story. I have often struggled with what to watch and when.

Ultimately, it comes down to: So much streaming, so little time, and you can never catch up. So you do the best you can!

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