Side Jams, Episode 25: Brad Gillis

Guitarist Brad Gillis has sold millions of albums and toured the world with Night Ranger, and their most recent album Don’t Let Up shows just as much fire as their early recordings. During the down time of the pandemic, Brad has finished up work on his third solo album, and he remains active composing music for the likes of CBS Sports, ESPN, and various video game, TV, and film project. He even placed a flamenco track on The Price Is Right. It’s a lucrative gig he’s had for 20 years now, and you can delve into that at

When he’s not composing, touring, or just jamming, Gillis loves collecting vintage guitars. He’s got it down to a science, and for this episode of Side Jams, we talked about how he first got the collecting bug, how he procures items for sale, his process in determining their condition and worth, and tips for new collectors. We also spoke about riding his Harley along with other physical activities he loves.

This was my first time chatting with Brad, and we had a blast.

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