Side Jams, Episode 26: Elize Ryd

Amaranthe singer Elize Ryd as photographed by AM Creations.

Amaranthe have become popular in recent years thanks for their blend of metal bombast with pop and electronic sounds as heard on the most recent album Manifest. They are also unusual in that they have three vocalists: two male (clean and aggro) and one female. Elize Ryd, the female frontwoman among the group’s vocal triad, spoke with me about being an adrenaline junkie, pushing her boundaries, and the “terrifying” experience of being onstage. The Swedish singer also expressed passion for less risky interests like dancing, theater, and criminology.

The fact that Elize started with more thrill seeking adventures like scuba diving, mountain rappelling, and motorbike riding when she was younger, then becoming more interested in cerebral pursuits as she has gotten older. made for a conversation of contrasts. She seems enthusiastic to pursue many things outside of music when time allows. (And this pandemic certainly has given some people more free time.)

Of her edgier activities, Elize said, “When you constantly go for [facing] fears, you realize that you can survive them. That’s kind of a nice feeling. And that’s probably what makes me an adrenaline junkie.”

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