Bandcamp Discoveries: January 2021

I’ve started giving myself a Bandcamp allowance every month. I want to discover and support new and established artists (both can be found here), and I feel like contributing to regular streaming services is not enough.

Here are some choice picks for January 2021.

CREUX LIES “Blue/The Veil”
Cure-inflected, synth-laden dark rock with a rich ’80s sound. Their latest song “Blue” should be way more popular! They also have an excellent album out called The Hearth.

I discovered this exotic ambient delight which is meditative and dreamy. Jarguna also has a serene collaboration with cellist Henrik Meierkord called Tapestry Flow.

DETOXI In Laughter EP
I’m enjoying the energy of this SoCal death rock band. I’m also digging into their previous album First Flesh and first EP Death Of A Nation.

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4 Responses

  1. Aaron

    Good picks, Bryan! I’d call Creux Lies more Simple Minds-influenced but regardless, they’ve got a good sound. Detoxi is my fave of these three. It’s curious that there are a lot of bands adopting this sound these days, sorta Bauhaus X Shoegaze. I dig.

    • Bryan Reesman

      Thanks, glad you liked ’em. Lots of retro Goth and post-punk sounds by younger bands today.


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