Bandcamp Discoveries: March 2021

More great music finds on Bandcamp.

O YUKI CONJUGATE A Tension Of Opposites, Vol. 1 and 2
It’s nice to catch up with beloved groups from my past. One of the most amazing ambient artists of the ‘80s and ‘90s returns with a new album of dreamy delights. Recorded during quarantine, the first 11 tracks (40 minutes) come from Roger Horberry, and the next four (43 minutes) are from Andrew Hulme.

Here’s grooving musical fusion from am Amsterdam-based sextet comprised of Turkish, Indonesian, and Dutch musicians. The French group Le Matin des Magiciens describe this Altin Gün release from 2018 as “a 70’s ‘Anadolu Pop’ inspired psych rock album with dancing hymns.” Take a listen!

While this is a deluxe reissue of DAS’ debut album from 1990, it’s new to my world. The late Brian Healy was a SoCal based artist who the late Rozz Williams allegedly called the “godfather of Christian Goth,” and he penned lyrics like “Praying to the brass of Heaven, looking up into the sky.
Is anyone really up there? Are you listening to me cry?” This is catchy, old school Goth that includes an unexpected cover of Cheap Trick’s “Surrender”!

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