Side Jams, Episode 34: Silenoz

Hanging out with Silenoz after the
Dimmu show in NYC, August 2018.

Norwegian guitarist Silenoz belongs to one of the most influential and popular extreme metal bands of all time, Dimmu Borgir. Along with vocalist Shagrath, he is one of the two founding members that have been with the band since its inception as a more traditional black metal unit in 1993. Over the years, the bombastic ensemble has integrated gothic, symphonic, and choral elements into a distinct sound that has expanded genre borders and won a Norwegian Grammy Award. Their latest effort is called Eonian. Silenoz is also a part of the old school death metal band Insidious Disease which recently released their second album After Death.

When not summoning musical thunder, Silenoz rides his motorcycle and spends time exploring the outdoors, and where he lives outside of Oslo is perfect for those activities. For Episode 34 of Side Jams, we spoke about fishing, camping, his bike, and being part of a motorcycle club that does charity work for veterans. At the start of our Zoom call, we had audio problems that took several minutes to sort out. He then told me about his “electrical curse”.

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