Side Jams, Episodes 32 and 33: David Hasselhoff and CueStack

The Hoff and CueStack united (L to R): Martin Kames,
David Hasselhoff, and Bernth Brodträger.

You know actor and singer David Hasselhoff from his many incarnations: Michael Knight on Knight Rider, Mitch Buchannon on Baywatch, the original on screen Nick Fury in a 1998 TV movie, and Jekyll and Hyde on Broadway. Not to forget playing himself in everything from The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie to a hilarious retro video clip for Guardians Of The Galaxy 2. David also has had a long running music career which began in 1985 with Night Rocker, and his last solo album Open Your Eyes included new wave, hard rock, pop, and country covers that pleasantly surprised many people. His latest sonic adventure is with Austrian industrial metal group CueStack who since 2017 have been combining the shredding guitar of Bernt Brodträger with the driving electronic sounds of Martin Kames and their varied vocal styles. They collaborated with the Hoff on a stirring anthem of empowerment and solidarity called “Through The Night” that shines a light into these dark times.

Beyond all of his busy activities, David indulges in different activities which we spoke about for Episode #32 of Side Jams. Specifically, we discussed his forays into motivational speaking as well as his love for scuba diving and a few adventures in sky diving. It was certainly nice to chat with him after all these years of watching him on screen, and I certainly didn’t Hassle the Hoff. Our chill and fun interview for this episode was conducted via landline because we’re old school.

Both members of CueStack are heavily invested in technology which we chatted about for Episode 33 of Side Jams. On our group Zoom call together, Bernt discussed his experiences as video editor and graphic designer, while Martin spoke about his work as a lighting and video designer for various concert tours including David Hasselhoff and Machine Head. Their skill sets helped them meet and has allowed them to keep greater control of the various media elements involved with their band. Bernt also revealed that at one point he wanted to be a tattoo artist. They were certainly very down to earth and engaging as we dived into this Transatlantic conversation.

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