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Monica Bellucci: Scary And Sexy

The beautiful Monica Bellucci has certainly had an intriguing career. The Italian actress and model has been in romantic films (Malena and the beautifully tragic Remember Me, My Love), fantasy and action fl...
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Alfred Molina: Reveling In Villainy Again

When I was on my Sorcerer's Apprentice set visit last summer for Fandango, I spotted a dapper Alfred Molina (in Victorian garb as the villainous Maxim Horvath) and exclaimed to a fellow journo, "It's Doc Oc...
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Hit-Girl: The Real Kick-Ass

Thirteen year-old Chloë Moretz is causing quite a stir in the new superhero movie Kick-Ass, playing Hit-Girl, a fierce, high-powered, homicidal eleven year-old girl who uses the C-word and has been trained ...